It has been brought to the notice of the Institute that one entity in the name and style of CMA Club India has been making various announcements about organizing programmes like CMA Award etc., Further this entity has been admitting members and students of the Institute as its members on payment of certain fee. This entity has shown CMA WIRC, CMA SIRC,CMA NIRC. CMA students, as its categories in its website. This entity has been seeking contributions for its CMA Award function. This entity has been using the photographs of Central and Regional Council Members in its website without any authorization. Thus, the intent of this entity appears to create an impression among the members, students and public at large that they have some link with the Institute.

All the members, students of the Institute are hereby informed that the above entity: CMA Club India is neither an affiliate of the Institute nor authorized by the Institute to use CMA in its name, website. Further, this entity has never been authorized to conduct any program or function using the name CMA. The activities listed by this entity are not authorized by the Institute and the students, members and public at large are hereby advised not to have any dealings or link with the above entity thinking that the Institute of Cost Accountants of India is patronizing the above entity or its activities. Necessary legal action is being also initiated against the above entity.

From the President Desk

CMA Sanjay Gupta has been elected as the President of the Institute for the year 2017-18. CMA Sanjay Gupta is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. A combination of youth, dynamism, experience, Leadership Skills and excellence with more than 19 years of impeccable professional standing and proven track record......... Read more

President Communiqué March 2018