7th CMA Awards 2022: For Members in Employment

Brief about the 7th CMA Awards 2022
Last Date Extended upto 15th March 2023

Please Click here to download the Nomination Guidelines for 7th CMA Awards 2022


CMA Awards consisting of CMA-CFO Awards, CMA- Achiever Awards and CMA- Young Achiever Awards has been instituted in the year 2013 to acknowledge the initiatives and best practices in Cost and Management Accounting, Risk Management and Business Process improvement by a Cost and Management Accountant (CMA).

CMA Awards recognize the significant contributions of CMAs in improving corporate governance, value creation and preservation, managing risk and control, achieving operational efficiency, promoting good CSR practices, and implementing innovative Cost and Management Accounting practices in order to propagate Cost Management culture to make Indian Industry cost competitive and sustainable. CMA Awards also recongnises the outstanding Contribution of CMAs for CMA profession, Institute and society.

Selection Methodology

The winners are selected on the basis experience and performance of the participating candidates. A Screening Committee examines, evaluates and shortlists the nominations on the basis of indicative evaluation parameters and the aggregate of scores thereon. The list of the short listed nominations in each category selected by the Screening Committee are placed before the Jury for their final selection. The Jury shall consider the criteria used for short listing by the Screening Committee. The Jury shall decide the Awardees in each category and the decision of the Jury in this regard shall be final.

Screening Committee for the Award

To undertake the proper work and monitoring the activities relating to the Award, the Institute will constituted a Screening Committee for CMA Awards with the responsibilities of guiding the team for designing the Questionnaire, evaluating the filled-in questionnaires and short-listing the companies for award.

CMA Awards Categories

CMA-CFO Awards CMA - Achiever Awards CMA-Young Achiever Awards
(i) Manufacturing Sector- Public
(ii) Manufacturing Sector- Private
(iii) Service Sector
(iv) Manufacturing Sector- Public
(v) Manufacturing Sector-Private
(vi) Service Sector
(vii) Manufacturing Sector- Public
(viii) Manufacturing Sector- Private
(ix) Service Sector

Presentation of Awards

The CMA awards presented in a widely publicized gala ceremony at New Delhi in the presence of an august gathering of corporate and professionals.