CMA Manas Kumar Thakur has been unanimously elected as the President of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India for the year 2016-2017.

Apart from a Fellow Member of the Institute, CMA Thakur also holds B.Sc. and B.Com degree. Since childhood days his mind was application oriented, thus, he found keen interest both in mathematics as well as in playing football. He has represented his District and Sate in his short span of football career.

An academician with more than 25 years of teaching experience he has authored several books on Valuation Management, Operations Management, Cost Audit, Laws & Audit, Cost & Management etc. He has published several articles in different reputed journals and offered his professional acumen in different professional institutes including Government organizations.

He takes keen interest in delving into corporate and professional issues. He is closely associated with various fields of financial and education sector and is an experienced mentor and counsellor to young professionals and students. CMA Manas Kumar Thakur is holding Certificate of Practice since 1993 and carries with himself a rich experience of 23 years of practice. Before joining in practice he was in service in various reputed organisations like Brook Bond India Ltd., Lipi Scan Pvt. Ltd. etc.

Recently he has been awarded with "Bharat Nirman Award" by a reputed Delhi based NGO.

CMA Manas Kumar Thakur was a Regional Council Member during 2004-2011 and became the Chairman of EIRC in 2009-2010. He was elected to the Central Council of the Institute from Eastern Region for the periods 2011-2015 and 2015-2019. He has served as the Vice President of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India for the year 2015-2016.

He is the member of different Chambers of Commerce like ASSOCHAM, CII, Bharat Chamber of Commerce, Indian Chamber of Commerce and also an Advisory member of CDR of SBI. He is also the Partner of Thakur & Co. (Cost Accountants).