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                                                       If we have to succeed in the globalized
                                                       world, we have to enlarge the scope of Cost
                                                       Audit to cover all aspects of manufactur-
                                                       ing and service sector activities including
                                                       healthcare and education.
                                                                              - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

           CMA MANAS KUMAR THAKUR                        Modi Ji for clearing the way for smooth implementation
                          President                      of GST in India from July 1, 2017. GST is one of India’s
          The Institute of Cost Accountants of India     most significant economic reforms, which is expected
                                                         to erase barriers between states to create a common
                                                         market that will lower costs and increase efficiencies and
           My Dear Professional Colleagues,              potentially boosting growth. The significance of GST is
                                                         obvious in the Prime Minister’s statement that “GST
           Namaskar;                                     reflects the spirit of ‘One nation, One aspiration, One
                                                         determination.’” The consensus on GST will go down in
           Friends, as we celebrate Labour Day, we honour the  history as a great illustration of cooperative federalism.
          men and women who fought tirelessly for workers’  I appreciate the conviction of Prime Minister, a Great
          rights, which are so critical to our strong and successful  visionary of our times,that the vision of “New India”
          labour force. Labour Day is a celebration of labourers  can only be realised through the combined effort of all
          and working classes. It is celebrated to promote the  States and CMs. This shows the policy of consensus
          social and economic achievements of  the working  adopted by the Government to achieve all-inclusive
          group people.The persons,who labour, to build this   development of society and growth of economy.
          world a better place to live, are no ordinary labourers.
          Often we turn a blind eye towards labourers and workers   The inspiring role of Hon’ble Finance Minister
          who toil to make our lives better. On this Labour Day, let  Shri Arun Jaitely was instrumental in gathering
          us acknowledge and appreciate their effort and join the  consensus on the issue of GST. This is the evidence of
          initiatives taken by the Government to make the lives of  his great Leadership quality. I on behalf of the Cost
          these people liveable.                         and Management Accounting fraternity and also on
                                                         my own behalf convey our sincere gratitude to the
          GST Implementation                             Finance Minister and his team for getting the stage
           I congratulate Prime Minister Hon’ble Shri Narendra  clear for GST. The Institute pledges its all-out support to

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