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The Institute of Cost

                                                              Accountants of India

         CMA Manas Kumar Thakur                            THE INSTITUTE OF COST ACCOUNTANTS OF INDIA                              (erstwhile The Institute of Cost and Works Accountants
         VICE PRESIDENT                                  of India) was first established in 1944 as a registered
         CMA Sanjay Gupta                                company under the Companies Act with the objects of                          promoting, regulating and developing the profession of
         COUNCIL MEMBERS                                 Cost Accountancy.
         CMA Amit Anand Apte,   CMA Ashok Bhagawandas Nawal,    On 28 May 1959, the Institute was established by a
         CMA Avijit Goswami,  CMA Balwinder Singh, CMA Biswarup Basu,
         CMA H. Padmanabhan, CMA Dr. I. Ashok,           special Act of Parliament, namely, the Cost and Works
           CMA Niranjan Mishra, CMA Papa Rao Sunkara, CMA P. Raju Iyer,    Accountants Act 1959 as a statutory professional body for
         CMA Dr. P V S Jagan Mohan Rao, CMA P. V. Bhattad,    the regulation of the profession of cost and management
         CMA Vijender Sharma, Shri  Ajai Das Mehrotra, Shri  K.V.R. Murthy,   accountancy.
         Shri Praveer Kumar, Prof. Surender Kumar, Shri Sushil Behl
                                                           It has since been continuously contributing to the
         Secretary                                       growth of the industrial and economic climate of the
         CMA Kaushik Banerjee                            country.                                     The Institute of Cost Accountants of India is the only
         Sr. Director (Studies, Admin. & HR)             recognised statutory professional organisation and
         CMA Arnab Chakraborty                           licensing body in India specialising exclusively in Cost,
         Sr. Director (CAT & Admin)                      and Management Accountancy.
         CMA L Gurumurthy,
         Sr. Director (Technical)
         CMA J K Budhiraja
                                   MISSION STATEMENT
         Director (PD & CPD)                                                The CMA
         CMA S C Gupta                                                 Professionals would
         Director (Research & Journal) & Editor                  ethically drive enterprises globally
         CMA Dr. Debaprosanna Nandy                              by creating value to stakeholders                                 in the socio-economic context through
         Director (Membership & Finance)                    competencies drawn from the integration of
         CMA A S Bagchi
,  strategy, management and accounting.
         Director (Discipline) & Jt. Director (Advanced Studies)
         CMA Rajendra Bose,             VISION STATEMENT
         Additional Director (IT)
         Smt. Anita Singh                                   The Institute of Cost Accountants of India                                         would be the preferred source of
         Joint Secretary & Head (International Affairs)        resources and professionals for the
         CMA Nisha Dewan                                              financial leadership of
         Joint Director (Infrastructure)                               enterprises globally.
         CMA Kushal Sengupta

         Joint Director (President’s & Vice President’s office)
         CMA Tarun Kumar                                           IDEALS THE INSTITUTE STANDS FOR

         Joint Director (Internal Control)                  •  to develop the Cost and Management Accountancy profession
         CMA Dibbendu Roy                                 •  to develop the body of members and properly equip them for functions                                     •  to ensure sound professional ethics
         Editorial Office
         CMA Bhawan, 4th Floor, 84, Harish Mukherjee Road, Kolkata-700 025   •  to keep abreast of new developments
         Tel: +91 33 2454-0086/0087/0184 , Fax: +91 33 2454-0063
         CMA Bhawan, 12, Sudder Street, Kolkata 700016
         Tel: +91 33 2252-1031/34/35 , Fax: +91 33 2252-7993/1026  Behind every successful business decision,
         Delhi Office
         CMA Bhawan, 3, Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi-110003   there is always a CMA
         Tel: +91 11 24622156, 24618645 ,Fax: +91 11 4358-3642
         WEBSITE                                    May 2017 l  The Management Accountant       3
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