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                  Cover stories on the topics given below are invited for

            ‘The Management Accountant’ for the four forthcoming months.

    Theme      Global Economic Sustainability             Theme      Ease of Doing Business in India

      Subtopics           June 2017                        Subtopics           July 2017
       Prospective Cost Competitiveness                    Business regulations in India
       Sustainable Cost Leadership strategies              Entrepreneurship & Skill development
       New regulatory frameworks and smart policies        Business environment
       Strengthening International Cooperation             Make in India & GOI initiatives
       Global trends and challenges to sustainable development   Benchmarking & Economy rankings
       Government initiatives for business success         Role of World Bank, ADB and other International agencies
       Business Models for Sustainability                  Role of CMAs
       Role of CMAs in Economic sustainability

    Theme       Key Driver of Competitiveness             Theme  Integrated Reporting: Going beyond the Financial
                      Competition Act:
                          August 2017                                      September 2017
      Subtopics                                            Subtopics
       The MRTP Act: Predecessor of the Competition Act (2002)   Challenges of embedding IR in India
       Consumer Protection Act v/s Competition Act          Relationship between IR, Sustainability reporting and
                                                              Sustainability accounting
       Competition Advocacy                                 Relevance of IR in SME
       Cartelization: Recent Trends                         Guiding principles of IR in Global context
       Corporate Leniency and Corporate Efficacy            GRI compliance and prerequisites of IR
       Per se Illegality in respect of Anti-competitive Agreements   Role of SEBI
       Impact of Competition Act on Cross-border Mergers    CMAs in the next era of reporting
       Pricing Competition - Role of CMAs
                                                             Case studies

     The above subtopics are only suggestive and hence the articles may not be limited to them only.
        Articles on the above topics are invited from readers and authors along with scanned copies of their recent passport-size
      photograph and scanned copy of declaration stating that the articles are their own original and have not been considered for
       publication anywhere else. Please send your articles by e-mail to latest by the 1st of the previous month.
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