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the Government in smooth implementation of GST all   our students but also enhance the capacity building
          across the Country.                                of our members. For continued capacity building
                                                             I seek your co-operation and support because
           The Institute is also geared up for dissemination of   together we can make a lot of difference.
          knowledge on GST to its members and all stakeholders
          at large. We have planned a number of seminars and  Career Gap Analysis of CMAs qualified in 2015 & 2016
          interactive workshops on GST. Some webinars on GST   I am pleased to inform you that the Institute has
          are also lined up. We are also planning to introduce a  taken a new initiative to promote / facilitate young
          post qualification course on GST for members. I urge  CMAs for their further professional growth. First of
          all the members to improve competencies in the all-  its kind interactive motivational  session was held on
          important area of GST as CMAs have to play a very  4thApril 2017 at Kolkata which was attended by the
          important role in smooth implementation of the GST.  qualified CMAs of eastern region for December 2015 &
                                                         June 2016 terms.38 young CMAs actively participated
          National Regional Council and Chapters Meet    & closely interacted with the Directors / HODs of the
           I wish to inform that the Regional Council and  Institute who guided them how to overcome the fears
          Chapters Co-ordination Committee organised the  &teething problems. The initiative was appreciated a lot
          “National Regional Council and Chapters Meet” on  by the participating CMAs. Inspired by the success of
          22ndand 23rdApril 2017 at Hotel KC Crossroad,  this event, I hope to replicate the same in other regions
          Chandigarh which was attended by representatives  also. I am also planning to conduct an orientation
          of  50 Chapters and all 4 Regional Councils. CMA  programme to guide and support the Young CMAs who
          Sanjay  Tandon, President, BJP, Chandigarh and  are into Practice and facing various problems.
          Mrs. KirronKher, Hon’ble Member of  Parliament,
          Chandigarh graced the occasion by their august  Felicitation of Padma Shri Bipin Ganatra
          presence. On the eve of National Regional Council   I had the privilege to felicitate Shri Bipin Ganatra,
          and Chapters Meet, Best Chapters Award in different  Padma Shri Awardee towards social service and for
          categories was presented to the winning Chapters.On  being a valiant fire fighter and saving numerous lives
          23rdApril 2017 “Program on GST” was organised for  in various fire incidents. Shri Sushil Behl, Government
          Regional Councils and Chapters.                Nominee, Vice President of the Institute and executives
                                                         of  Delhi Office of  the Institute were present at the
          MoU with Prananath College                     felicitation at New Delhi office on 11th April 2017.
           I wish to inform members that the Institute signed  Padma Shri Bipin Ganatra, 60, is not a professional
             an MOU for Capacity building and also brand   fireman but has chased fires all over Kolkata for over
             Building of the CMA Profession on 11thApril2017  40 years. He has attended to more than 100 fires –
             with Prananath College (Autonomous), Khordha,  helping douse the flames, rescuing people and cleaning
             Odisha. I am pleased to inform that the college has  up debris. We should take some inspiration from the life
             shown its interest for opening of CMA Extension  and achievements of Bipin Da.
             Centre under Bhubaneswar Chapter in its premises.
             This initiative will help the college students in  Partnering with African Countries
             pursuing CMA Course with their degree Course.   I am pleased to inform that I met Ms. Ebyan Mahamed
                                                         Salah, Hon’ble Ambassador of  Federal Republic  of
           One Joint National Seminar on the theme “GST-Recent   Somalia to India on 11thApril 217 and offered her the
             Developments” was organised on 28th April 2017  Institute’s Proposal to be partner of Socio-Economic
             at Prananath College. More than 200 participants  Developmental Activities of African Countries.
             including Professors/Lecturers/Students/Guests/
             Invitees attended the seminar. Many dignitaries  Meeting with Chairman, UGC
             and eminent speakers from the region deliberated   I got an opportunity to meet Dr. VS Chauhan,
             on the recent developmentrelating to GST. It is my  Chairman, University Grants Commission (UGC) on
             sincere request to members of CMA family to take  21stApril 2017 and discussed about the role we can
             such initiatives which may not only be beneficial to  play to enhance the employable skills of graduate and

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