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                                                         the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC).
           Greetings!!!                                  It  aims  at  protecting,  restoring  and  enhancing  India’s
                                                         diminishing forest cover and responding to climate change
           On the eve of World Earth Day on 22 April, the Research &   by a combination of adaptation and mitigation measures.It
          Journal Committee of the Institute has initiated a landmark   envisages a holistic view of greening and focuses on multiple
          drive by introducing e-journal facility to support Digital   ecosystem services, especially, biodiversity, water, biomass,
          and  Green  initiatives  of   the  Government  of   India  and   preserving mangroves, wetlands, critical habitats etc. along
          hence reducing infructuous expenditure that impacts the   with carbon sequestration as a co-benefit. This mission has
          environment as trees are the major source of paper pulp   adopted an integrated cross-sectoral approach as it will be
          production. From the month of May 2017, the monthly   implemented on both public as well as private lands with a key
          journal, “The Management Accountant” would hereafter   role of the local communities in planning, decision making,
          be circulated in the form of e-journal mode to all members,   implementation and monitoring. Now it’s time to join hands
          students and readers.                          to create quality environment for sustainable development
                                                         and to ensure a better future for our forthcoming generations
           Every year printing of books and journals costs heavily on   to come.
          the environment. Production and use of paper have adverse
          effect on our environment, accounting to about 35% of   So,  as  responsible  citizens  and  proud  members  of   the
          municipal solid waste, causing toxicity to biochemical oxygen.   great profession, let us be sensible to our Mother Earth and
          Waste water discharges for a pulp and paper mill contains   let us back our Institute’s GO-GREEN agenda to preserve
          solids, nutrients and dissolved organic matter such as lignin,   our environment.Let us agree to minimize the hard copy
          which is dangerous for aquatic life too. Globally, around 40%   publication of the Institute’s Journal to become an active
          of the annual industrial wood is processed for paper industry,   agent to this noble initiative. E-Journal is available in PDF
          destroying several trees and damaging the ecosystem heavily.   and user-friendly e-magazine formats, it becomes easier and
                                                         comfortable to access and read any point anywhere anytime
           In the past 40 years, global paper consumption has risen by   via laptops, tablets, mobiles, PCs etc.If any member still wishes
          400%, with more than 35% of all the harvested trees being   to get the printed physical copy, he/she may send a request
          used only for paper production. Paper manufacturing mills   mail to us.
          also emit large amounts of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Sulphur
          dioxide (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Paper manufacturing   We look forward to your whole-hearted cooperation to
          also adds its share to waste production and water pollution.   make this noble GREEN endeavour successful.
          Production of one ton of printing paper costs our planet nearly
          24 trees. A recent UN report on climate change claims that
          India is among the few counted nations that will be witnessing   Warm regards
          abrupt climate changes in coming years. The drastic change
          in climate cycle brings with it a greater risk of food and water
          shortage which will cause malnutrition in those living below
          poverty line. We need to bring dramatic changes in our habits
          and attitude as the given deadline is not far away than the   CMA Avijit Goswami
          middle of present century. India outlined National Mission   Chairman, Research, Journal & IT Committee
          for Green India (GIM) as one of the eight missions under   The Institute of Cost Accountants of India

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                                                         May 2017 l  The Management Accountant
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