The objectives of the Committee are:

  1. Monitoring of Current tax legislation and analyzing changes of the existing legislation.
  2. Sharing of knowledge and experiences, proposing and recommending collective suggestions to the Ministries and Bodies for consideration to amend the legislation.
  3. To examine various laws, rules, regulations, circulars etc which are enacted or issued by the Government from time to time.
  4. To prepare and submit representations to the Governmental authorities and to send suitable Pre-Budget and Post-Budget Memoranda containing suggestions for improvements in the respective legislation.
  5. To respond to issues on Tax laws and practice referred by the Governmental authorities/Statutory Authorities/ Regulatory Bodies and stake holders.
  6. To assist, advise, update and guide to amend or modify Tax laws in the country for transparency, simplification and inclusion.
  7. To disseminate the knowledge through webinars and seminars, workshops to the members and students of the Institute.
  8. To conduct Seminars, workshops in different locations of the country to make aware the members and general public on various changes in the tax laws and capacity building
  9. To bring out new Publications and revise the existing publications relating to Direct and Indirect Tax laws.
  10. To organize courses on Tax Laws and practice.
  11. To update members in the field of taxation through fortnightly issue of E-Bulletin.
  12. To carry out various researches and publish the same.
  13. To deal with such other matters as the Council or the President may consider appropriate.