About - Action Plan

  1. Successful conduct of Certificate Course on GST and other courses on direct and indirect taxes
  2. Publication and Circulation of Tax bulletin (both in electronic and printed formats) for the awareness and knowledge updation of stakeholders, members, traders, Chambers of Commerce, Universities.
  3. Publication of Handbooks on Taxation related topics helping stakeholders in their job deliberations.
  4. Carry out webinars for the Capacity building of Members - Trainers in the locality to facilitate the traders/ registered dealers.
  5. Conducting Seminars and workshops on industry specific issues, in association with the Trade associations/ Traders/ Chamber of commerce in different location on practical issues/aspects associated with GST.
  6. Tendering representation to the Government on practical difficulties faced by the stakeholders in Taxation related matters.
  7. Updating Government about the steps taken by the Institute in removing the practical difficulties in implementing various Tax Laws including GST.
  8. Facilitating general public other than members through GST Help-Desk opened at Head quarter of the Institute and other places of country.
  9. Introducing advance level courses for the professionals on GST and Income Tax.
  10. Extending Crash Courses on Taxation to Corporates, Universities, Trade Associations etc.