• Maintaining Professional Development Portal for dissemination of professional activities relating professional updates; news emphasized mainly on economic and financial aspects; list of representation letters sent to various organizations on periodic basis; details of recognition of CMA’s on representations made by the Institute in various areas like Internal Audit, Taxation, Physical Verification of Stock and Other professional services and List of tenders for professional opportunities due in next 7 days.
  • Publication of Guidance Notes: - To bring out new Guidance Notes in the areas where members/industry may need technical assistance and also bring out updated versions of Guidance Notes already brought out by the Institute in past.
  • Making representations to the Central and State Governments in connection with matters of professional and business interest with a view to raising the standard and status of the profession.
  • Making representations to concerned authorities for inclusion of cost accountants if tenders/EOIs have not included them in respect of Internal Audit, Taxation and other matters;
  • Replying queries of members and industries related to Cost Audit, maintenance of cost records, filing of cost audit reports in XBRL Format;
  • Issuing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in respect of the Companies (Cost Records and Audit) Rules, 2014;
  • To work on development of Costing Taxonomy and filing of cost audit report in XBRL format;
  • Arranging interaction among the members of the Institute by regular meetings, conferences, seminars, talks and lectures for the acquisition and dissemination of useful information in connection with the profession of accountancy;
  • Maintaining contacts with the various Departments of the Central and State Governments and other public and private bodies with a view to enlisting their support in the furtherance of the interest of the members of the Institute;
  • Administration of Certified Facilitation Centers (CFCs) under ACES Scheme of CBEC;
  • Offering suggestions to the Council for amendment of various Acts, both Central and State, for betterment of the profession;
  • Doing such things as may be considered necessary for general upliftment of the status of the Institute and the profession of cost accountancy and all other things which are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.

Members of the Professional Development & CPD Committee 2017-18

1. CMA Amit Anand Apte Chairman
2. CMA Balwinder Singh Member
3. CMA Niranjan Mishra Member
4. CMA Avijit Goswami Member
5. CMA P. Raju Iyer Member
6. CMA Dr. I. Ashok Member
7. Shri Praveer Kumar, Govt Nominee Member
8. CMA Sanjay Gupta, President Permanent Invitee
9. CMA H. Padmanabhan, Vice- President Permanent Invitee
10. CMA S.C. Gupta, Director (Professional Development) Secretary (Professional Development)
11. CMA Indu Sharma, Deputy Director (Professional Development) Secretary (CPD)