Request for Comments on Companies Law Committee Report on Companies Act, 2013

Dear Professional Colleagues,


As you may be aware, the MCA has recently released Report of The Companies Law Committee on Companies Act, 2013. On the said report, it has been decided to invite comments/suggestions from all the stakeholders.


I request CMA colleagues to share their valuable comments and suggestions, if any, on this Report. In order to avoid repetition/duplication of comments/ suggestions, the members are requested to route their suggestions through the Institute by 12th Feb 2016 by sending their suggestion at


The Committee’s Report is available on the link below:


All the members are hereby again requested to send their comments/suggestions with specific reference to one or more paragraphs of the Report of the CLC, in the format given below:


Sl No Reference
(Para No and page No)
Issue Suggestion Rationale


May I reiterate that the comments and suggestions should be with specific reference to the paragraphs of the Report only.


Looking forward to have your valuable suggestions at the earliest.


Thanking You,



With Warm Regards
CMA Vijender Sharma
Chairman - Professional Development Committee