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Dear Professional Colleagues,


As you are aware, your Institute makes earnest efforts & continuous follow up in furtherance of the professional interests of practicing CMAs. As part of this endeavour, the Institute remains in touch with various Central and State government departments/agencies, regulatory bodies, investigative agencies and tax authorities to persuade them to take expert assistance of CMAs to undertake analysis of costs & quantitative details, input-output ratios, and other non-financial information. As a result, many departments/agencies have, in the recent past, sought details of CMA firms who have requisite expertise in the specified domain. Normally, they also seek details with respect to the firm's age, composition, relevant experience, region/area of practice, geographical presence, etc. While few details are available with the Membership Department, there is no information regarding areas of practice, experience, etc.


In order to fulfill the aforesaid requirements, Institute has decided to create a "Data Bank" of PCAs specifying their professional skills, experience, expert domain areas and geographical jurisdiction of practice. It is intended to share this data bank with the concerned Central and State government departments/agencies, regulatory bodies and tax authorities, etc. as may be demanded by them.


In view of the above, members are requested to provide their details as per the performa on the link mentioned below so as to enable us to forward your profile, as and when required, to the concerned authority. Your joining the data bank is purely voluntary and the onus to provide correct information solely rests with you. Institute shall neither be responsible for the correctness nor make any suo moto changes in the information uploaded in the data bank.


I shall be grateful if you could share the requisite information at the earliest and also keep on updating the same as and when any changes occur in the information submitted by you.



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