Contact details of Examination Department

Directorate of Examination- Contact Details:
Submit a Service request/Query/Concern/Complaint/Assistance regarding Examination.

If you have a Service request or Query or Complaint or Concern or Assistance that you would like to submit to the Directorate of Examination for resolution, please follow the procedure below.

Examination Department Service request link

Level 1: Submitting a Service request / Query / Complaint / Assistance for the first time

If you are submitting your Service request/Query/Concern Complaint/Assistance regarding Examination for the first time, please e-mail your concern to the concerned officer on their given ‘E-mail’ below. While doing so, we request you to mention-

  1. Your REGISTRATION NUMBER, CONTACT DETAILS and Other relevant details or attachment or follow guidelines given on website.
  2. Mention your Service request / Complaint / Query / Assistance in Subject of First Mail.
  3. Your query will be addressed within 3-4 Business working days. If not resolved forward it to Level-2.
  4. Before sending your Complaint / Query / Service request, please read the query related guidelines on website.
  5. Please follow the process to get service in time otherwise it may get delayed.

Queries related to Designation Name Phone Email Id
Online Examination and Exam-Application Officer MR. DEBABRATA BOSE +91 9609960639
MR. SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE +91 9434613148
Senior Officer MR. SUDHIR KUMAR DAS +91 9903432460
  • Transcript
  • Education Verification (GOVT)
  • Examination overseas centres
Senior Officer MR. SUDHIR KUMAR DAS +91 9903432460
  • Education Verification (Agency)
  • Duplicate mark sheet (Beyond 5 years)
  • Duplicate certificate
Senior Officer MR. SURAJIT BAL +91 9123766455
Certified answer scripts copy and result Officer MR. SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE +91 9434613148
Final Examination (North & Overseas Zone) Senior Officer MR. SUDHIR KUMAR DAS +91 9903432460
Final Examination (South Zone) Senior Officer MR. SURAJIT BAL +91 9123766455
Final Examination (East & West Zone) Officer MR. SUBHAS CHANDRA BOSE +91 9434613148
Intermediate Examination (South Zone) Officer MR. DEBABRATA BOSE +91 9609960639
Intermediate Examination (West Zone) Sr. Assistant MRS. PAROMITA GUHA GHOSH +91 9433078417
Intermediate Examination (East Zone) Assistant MR. SUSANTA DEY +91 9903172228
Intermediate Examination (North Zone) Assistant Gr. 1 PIYALI GHOSH SENGUPTA +91 8777461667
Foundation Examination Assistant Gr. 2 MR. SUBHAS DAS +91 9903894294
For general queries:
Please follow the examination query guidelines given on the website before contacting to the concerned officer during office hours for necessary action.

Level 2: You are not satisfied with the first response

If the resolution you received does not meet your expectations, you may communicate your concern further along with previous communication details. To do so, please mail at

Level 3: You are not satisfied with the second response

If you are unsatisfied with the responses you received after following the first two levels of the complaint mechanism, you may write further along with all previous communication to

Name Designation Activities Phone Email Id
DR. SUSHIL KUMAR PAREEK Director Overall +91 9163167145
CMA ARUNAVA GANGOPADHYAY Additional Director Administrative and execution +91 9836119383
DR. PRADIPTA GANGULY Joint Director Administrative and execution +91 9163893100
  • Scribe and related issues
  • Verification and results
+91 9831004666
MR. KAMALESH PATTANAYAK Deputy Director Examination (ITES) +91 9830833568
  • Examiner related
  • Verification and results
+91 9830239165