About the Course:

Information System is important for running any organization. Earlier computer system were used merely to record business transactions but now they are actually used for taking several business decisions for the enterprise. The advancement of information system and technology offers vital benefit for the business. It also brings ever increasing challenges due to the existence of hackers, malware, viruses, cybercrime etc. Therefore frequent and strong follow up is required through Information System Security Audit.

IS security audit involves providing independent evaluations of an organization’s policies, procedures, standards, measures, and practices for safeguarding electronic information from loss, damage, unintended disclosure, or denial of availability. The broad scope of work includes assessment of general and application controls. The current state of technology requires audit steps that relate to testing controls of access paths resulting from connectivity of local-area networks, wide-area networks, intranet, Internet, etc., in the IT environment.

The demand for Information System Security Auditors is increasing everyday as the businesses have become highly dependent on modern and complex information systems for conducting business transactions and taking critical decisions, and ISSA play’s vital role to improve the level of information security, avoid improper information security designs, and optimize the efficiency of the security safeguards and security processes of the organization.

The Board of Advance Studies & Research of the Institute has introduced a unique online Diploma Course in "Information System Security Audit" which enriches the CMAs an advance knowledge of technical resources relating to audit and control of information technology to become effective in their professional assignments to add value to clients, customers and employers.