About the Course:

We live in a data-driven world where organizations, irrespective of their size or area of operations, cannot ignore the impact of data analytics in the way they run their businesses. Whether it is to improve customer experience or managing resources better, data analytics is being used at every level of the organization to make informed decisions.

Today, data is everywhere. But there is a scarcity of talent with the skills to make sense of it and create value. As the need for analytics becomes more widespread, there is mounting demand for—and a growing shortage of—professionals with the relevant data skills coupled with an understanding of how the techniques are applied to business and the variety of critical tasks facing decision-makers.

This is true, of course, only for organizations that have already started on their digital transformation journey. Others who have not adapted will soon realize that they have missed the bus to the next era of decision-making. When organizations invest in formal training, communities to foster continued learning, and certifications to measure data literacy, people can thrive with data and make a greater impact on the business – better prepared to be agile as digital transformation demands data literacy at all levels.

At the outset, the Board of Advanced Studies of the Institute has introduced a unique online Certificate Course in “Data Analytics for Finance Professionals” to groom and train the participants with the latest tools and techniques of data analytics for effective decision-making purposes.