Management Accountancy Exam


The Management Accountancy Examination is a post-membership examination. Only Members who have completed at least a period of one year's Associateship are eligible for admission to this examination.

The Management Accountancy Examination comprises of two parts, viz. Part I and Part II. Part I consists of two Groups, viz, Group I and Group II. Part II consists of a Thesis and a Viva Voce Test. To pass the Management Accountancy Examination as a whole, a candidate will be required to qualify in both Parts I and II.

The Management Accountancy Examination is held once in a year in the month of December, at the same centres and on the same dates as those of the Intermediate and Final Examinations. The date of commencement of each Examination is announced in the Institute's Journal, The Management Accountant, at the time of publishing the results of the previous Examination.

The last date for payment of Examination fees and submission of completed application Forms is 25th October.

Fees payable are:
Rs. 1000 for both Groups of Part I
Rs. 500 for anyone Group of Part I
Rs. 100 for Thesis under Part II

Examination Application Form: Rs. 20
Late Fee for submission at Examination Application Form within 10 days after the last date of submission: Rs. 200
Candidates may take any or both Groups of Part I of the Management Accountancy Examination at anyone sitting.
The detailed syllabus of Part I of the Examination is given in Appendix 'A:

Standard of Pass
A candidate shall ordinarily be declared to have passed in a Group of Part I Examination if he obtains at one sitting a minimum of 50% of the total marks in each paper and an aggregate of 55% of the total marks of all the paper in that Group. No exemption from individual paper(s) is granted to any candidate.

Detailed rules regarding submission of Thesis under Part II of the Examination and the Viva Voce Test will be sent on request to those who pass in Part I of the Examination.

Exemption from individual Group(s) in Part I of the Examination will be granted to those who have passed in Group I or Group II, as the case may be, of the Management Accountancy Examination held in December 1973 or earlier.

Pass Certificate of Management Accountancy Examination-Qualifying Letters-Prizes

Every candidate passing the Management Accountancy Examination as a whole i.e. both Part I and Part II, will be furnished with a Pass Certificate to that effect. He shall also be entitled to use the letters 'Dip. ma' after his name.