The Directorate of Advanced Studies will design, develop and deliver advanced courses in the areas of Management Accounting at the proficiency level (Level-III)..

Management Accounting

CIMA has defined Management accounting as “the practical science of value creation within organizations in both the private and public sectors”. It combines accounting, finance and management with the leading edge techniques needed to achieve high level of performance of enterprises. Management accounting cuts across all the functional areas and also covers top management functions. Therefore, the Directorate shall design, develop and deliver advanced courses in all the areas that are of interest to Management Accountants.

The Directorate will also take up research in the area of Management Accounting.

Advanced courses will be designed for up-gradation of existing knowledge and skills and for acquiring new knowledge and skills. The courses shall aim to prepare practicing members to take up new areas of practice and for members in industry to shoulder higher responsibilities.

In particular:


  1. The scope and level of the advanced studies courses will be distinctively much beyond the scope and level of the courses being offered under Continuing Education Programmes of the Institute. Therefore, no CPE credit will be awarded to those who will participate in the courses to be offered by the Directorate of Advanced Studies.
  2. The Directorate shall offer advanced studies courses in areas of interest to the Management Accountant and shall offer courses at the Proficiency level (Level-III) only. No courses shall be offered at the Appreciation level (Level-I) or Understanding level (Level-II).
  3. The Directorate shall focus on application oriented courses and application oriented research, which will benefit the profession of management accountancy.
  4. The Directorate shall identify the areas for theoretical researches which can be taken up further through Management Accountancy Research Foundation (MARF).
  5. The Directorate will offer certificate courses. The certification shall be based at the minimum, on a written test and a Viva-voce on the project.
  6. The Directorate of Advanced Studies shall build capabilities in areas other than the conventional areas in which the members of the Institute operate, to provide support to the Council, whenever required.