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Academic Research & Conferences

An initiative of the Directorate to enrich literature and best practices guide in the disciplines of costing, accounting, financial management, management accounting and other allied disciplines independently as well as in collaboration with other academic Institutions.

  • The Directorate envisions supplementing and enriching literature and practice guides in the field of cost management, financial management, management accounting and other allied disciplines by undertaking and encouraging theoretical and applied research in those disciplines.
  • The Directorate has taken initiatives and is continuously involved in studying industry practices in the relevant disciplines of management accounting. For the same, the Directorate organizes surveys on focused topics from time to time. The Directorate also suggests better practices of implementing and operating the theoretically suggested tools for best practices.
  • The Directorate seeks to organize an annual national conference independently or in collaboration with premier educational institutions to encourage research in the areas of its foray and disseminating the knowledge amongst the practitioners at large.